Little Shoppes and South Market Antiques to close at year’s end

Published 8:00 am Saturday, December 23, 2023

By Ellen Brabo, For Washington Daily News

After more than a decade of serving the downtown community, Little Shoppes and South Market Antiques is set to close its doors on Dec. 31st. The store, which has been a fixture for six years at its current location, has been an integral part of the local retail landscape. Candace Dail, the current owner, announced the closure as she prepares to embark on her third and final retirement.

“In the beginning, I was really excited because I had big ideas of what I wanted to do,” said Dail. However, a variety of factors led to the decision to close the business.

Dail, who acquired the store in 2020 from previous owners Jayne Meissel, Pat Lewis, and Rebecca Clark, expressed her efforts to find a successor since August have been unsuccessful. Despite attempts to secure a new owner, the decision to close the shop was ultimately made, marking the end of an era for Little Shoppes and South Market Antiques.

The three previous owners, Meissel, Lewis, and Clark, held the reins from 2013 until Dail took over in 2020. Little Shoppes, under Dail’s ownership, hosted 17 vendors, offering a diverse range of merchandise to its loyal customer base.

“Rebecca, Jayne, and Pat, they gave me the opportunity to do this, and they’ve been great mentors,” emphasized Dail. “They’re always willing to help.”

Looking ahead to her retirement, Dail is eager to spend more time traveling and has a planned trip to Scotland next summer. Additionally, she intends to invest her time in community service.

“I just want to volunteer, and I don’t want to work for anyone else,” shared Dail. “My cousin always says, ‘never assume the luxury of time with life,’ and that’s very true I’ve found out.”

Despite the impending closure, Dail expressed hope for the future of the retail space. While uncertain about what will replace Little Shoppes and South Market Antiques, she envisions a similar concept and hopes the new venture will be open seven days a week.

As closing day approaches, Little Shoppes and South Market Antiques’ legacy will undoubtedly be remembered by the Washington community. Patrons can shop available items until 2 p.m. on Dec. 31st.