Write Again…True and simple pleasures

Published 3:52 pm Thursday, January 4, 2024

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SIMPLE PLEASURES -Just one of the simple pleasures we enjoy at home is watching the deerforaging in the fields.

This they do in our backyard, and front yard, and on the other side of the fence in the field at theback. Just recently we counted fourteen. We’ve seen as many as twenty-plus, yet sometimesonly two or three.

It is, as I said, a true simple pleasure.

NEVER! – On my word, I do solemnly pledge to never, ever, utter the following words and phrases:

A ton of; on the ground (as in the reporter isn’t just ”there,” no, he or she is “on the ground”in . . .  problematic.

At the end of the day; You guys; the pathway forward; snuck (for sneaked); early on, (onwhat?); and on and on.

There is almost no limit to such examples, of course. You could provide some, I’m sure. On ascale of one-to-ten in importance, it’s probably a minus three or four. More crassly put, who gives arat’s rump?

HUBRIS -Have you heard the term “religious superiority”? I ran across it recently in a bookor somewhere.

The term meant one who adheres strongly to (or says he or she does) a set of religiousbeliefs, and, of course, knows anything different, in any other denomination or religion, is wrong.Ah, to be so sure, so enlightened.

WILL IT EVER END? -Dear Lord, will the tragic need and suffering, which plagues manyplaces and its people in our world, ever end? Some of the suffering, and on such a massive scale,almost defies comprehension, ineffably so.

ALSO UPLIFTING -Looking out back, also, well past our yard, then the fields beyond, yetclearly seen is Lake Charles.

Now, some might insist it’s really a pond, but I prefer my name for it. It’s really lovely.

Anyway, also easily seen are the big stables, mid-size stable, and the recently builtsmaller red ones, all home to horses. I call all of it the “Charlie Horse Ranch.” Referencing theowner, Charlie M. Am I clever, or what? (The real name is Mimosa Shores Stables & SaddleClub).

Come on back next week now, you hear.