Pulling up verses pulling down

Published 5:17 pm Thursday, January 18, 2024

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By Stewart Ham

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth, along with all animals and ended with the creation of man. All was and still is good. Due to the disobedience, chaos was unleashed from the tree that was in the midst of the garden. This is why we face chaos of all types today. It follows every entity and institution of life. When we push to be successful it shows up sometimes in all caps. Its intentions are to pull us down in so many ways in hope that we will not find our way back up.
God has prepared many ways and avenues that we can take that will lead us back up, and sometimes these ways and avenues are people.
In the book of Luke 22:31v. satan wanted to bring Simon the disciple of Jesus to spiritual ruin, however Jesus explains how He will pray for Simon that he will see that avenue that will bring him back. Jesus also commanded him to teach and testify to others how God can rescue, deliver, and bring them back.
We should see here just how God pulled Simon Peter up and commanded him to help pull others up. To take this even further, let’s take a brief look at what Paul preached to the church at Galatia in Galatians 6:1v.
Galatia was commanded by God through the Apostle Paul to pull a friend, or brother up very gently that has fallen. This is the responsibility of every believer. We at some point and time have been there and knows how it feels to be down and needs help.
Pulling someone up can drift from one hand to another, I may be pulling you up today, and you may have to pull me up tomorrow.
In our refusal to pull that individual up, we are basically pulling them down without making physical contact with them. This goes hand in hand with the phrase: “If one plans not to succeed, they are obviously planning to fail.”
If one has no desire to do what’s right, their intentions are to do what is wrong. These recipients are individuals that one day will need a hand in being pulled up. The Lord tells us in Luke 6:28v. that we shouldn’t have the character that was being exercised by the Jews towards the Romans.
The Jews were upset with the Romans because of how they oppressed God’s people. However, Jesus told His people to love the Romans regardless.
Jesus was letting us know that we weren’t at liberty to choose who to love, and help or who not to love and help.
Pulling someone up gives them another chance at life, you will become a valuable individual in that person’s life. Your heart will be wonderfully blessed by the presence and the approval of God. The very individual you help to give a second chance in life can very well be a great asset to the community, town and church.
One never knows who they are helping to mold and make by pulling them up. Mary and Joseph didn’t fully know who she was carrying and who he was protecting, however we all know He was the true messiah that took away our sins and gave us all access to the kingdom of God.
Pulling people up is totally beneficial to them, us, and the entire society, be that human crane and use your God given virtue to help hoist that broken sister and brother to a good place.
Stewart N. Ham, Sr. is the pastor at New Growth Unlimited Ministries, Inc. in Aurora.