High Five-Price lets results do the talking

Published 9:13 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2024

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Washington High School wrestler Christian Price might be soft-spoken off the mat, but his results speak volumes. He recently collected his 100th career victory and plans on making a couple of trips to Greensboro in the coming weeks.

1. You started in the 106 lb. class your freshman year and are in the 120 lb. division now. When did you start wrestling?

Price: Not until I got here to WHS. I was really small at P.S. Jones and wasn’t really into sports. They started their wrestling program while I was there, but I wasn’t into it. Coach Penhollow started talking to me about joining the team when I started here in the fall. I talked to my mom about it and decided to try something new. It’s worked out pretty well.

2. Wrestling on the high school level is hard if you’ve never done it before. What was the hardest part to learn and why did you stick with it?

Price: My mom always told me to finish what I start, so that’s why I’m still here. It’s been tough at times, but winning makes it worth it and is what keeps me going. Coach Penhollow taught me everything from the stance to the other techniques and it took practice to get it all down. I was stronger than most of the other 106 lb. kids, but I had to get my technique to match my strength. It’s been a challenge.

3. You qualified for the individual state tournament for the second time last year, but didn’t compete because you didn’t make the required weight. How has that affected you this season?

Price: It motivates me to work hard every day in practice and watch what I eat. I won the regional last year and was very disappointed with myself when I didn’t make weight at state. It’s hard because I really miss candy during the season. No Starburst Mini’s until spring, I have to be smart about what I eat.

4. The team has a chance to make it to Greensboro for the team state championship and you want to make it back as an individual. How does winning your 100th career match this year fit into that plan?

Price: Winning my 100th felt great because it makes all the conditioning we do in practice worth it. We live wrestle, then do sprints, pushups, mountain climbers and all sorts of other stuff that is not fun, but winning is the reward. We think we can win the East as a team to get to Greensboro and I’m working hard to get back there as an individual.

5. Do you have any hidden talents?

Price: I play the trumpet in my church-Davenport Temple. I started about three years ago and took lessons for a month or two before I started with the group. I play at home now and really enjoy it.

Bonus question: What are your plans after graduation?

Price: To wrestle in college or join the Army. I have family members who served, so that’s an option and I’ve talked to a couple of schools about wrestling. I haven’t decided yet.