Write Again…Mankind’s greatest sin

Published 5:21 pm Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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It has been said that World War II was “The greatest catastrophe in human history.”
So many, many millions perished that understanding the scope of death and
destruction is far beyond the capability of most. Far beyond. What, then, would you say is humankind’s greatest sin?
Without question it is slavery. That’s right, slavery. I do not refer just to slavery pre-Civil War in this land. No way. Even a cursory study of slavery informs one that such an inhumane practice extends far back into what we commonly refer to as “Biblical times.”
What flaw, or flaws, in the homosapien species has caused so much suffering, travail, for so many, throughout recorded history, and probably before that?
As if our fellow human beings hadn’t suffered enough during those years of slavery here in this land we love, what followed the end of it in the South? That’s right. Jim Crow.
Now, don’t think that I think slavery was perpetuated only by white people.
I know better. People of color in certain parts of the world engaged in slavery and the slave trade. Fact.
So. What I have written about today is not pleasant, not inspiring, and not going to win for me any accolades, for sure. That few people probably read my musings doesn’t escape me, however. That’s simply how it is.
However, as I sometimes say, if you chose to read these thoughts on paper to the very end, I thank you.
Please let me close by wishing for you and those for whom you care a very pleasant weekend and coming week.
APROPOS -“This is what it means to be a slave: to be abused and bear it, compelled by violence to suffer wrong.”
-Euripides (c. 425 B.C.)