We are blessed with good neighbors

Published 4:57 pm Monday, January 29, 2024

Our neighborhood here has some of the best neighbors you could find anywhere. Tracey keeps our neighbors on speed dial, that is how close we are. Many of us have been close since early childhood. At one end we have Tony Capehart and Bob and Janice Rich live on the other side.

Especially David and Lynn Weatherly. You see Lynn and her first husband lived beside me on Tenth Street in a trailer, unbeknownst to me. I first met Lynn at a wrestling match at Williamston High School. Vann Pennell was our wrestling coach at the time and he introduced me to her. After her husband passed away from a heart attack, she married David. She raised two kids own her own (Tracy and Jason) and they have done well. She moved down by her uncle Harold Lane. Later, after the kids had grown up, she married David.

Now, David was raised up on Tenth Street where his daddy was a carpenter and his mother played the organ at First Christian Church. I remember her well. They lived on the corner of Brown Street and Tenth across from Paul Funeral Home and D.S. Swain Oil Company. Bill Mac Alligood and Keith Roach knew him well because he and Warren Everett protected them from Bubba and I.

One time Bubba and I built a fort and he and Eddie lifted the roof off the top of it and showered us with rocks. We thought that fort was one of the best we had built! No, David and Warren showed it was not. David later moved to Chocowinity and attended high school there.

I later met Lynn three different times while my mother was in the hospital, and she proved to be an angel to me both as a friend and as my mother’s friend. Her and David have been friends to my mother and father and sister, Rose Ann. They have been like big brother and a big sister to me by offering advice and a hot meal when I needed one.

Young people remember that is a small world many times.

They were the best times with the best friends and in the best of places, Washington, N.C.! The Original Washington.

Harold Jr.