Building on Bridge Street: New retail space underway

Published 11:12 am Thursday, February 1, 2024

By Ellen Brabo

For the Washington Daily News

A new retail project is underway on Bridge Street in downtown Washington. Situated at 206 Bridge Street, the development is anticipated to be completed in the next five to six months.

The project features three commercial units, each approximately 1,400 square feet. The site plans incorporate designated parking areas and vegetative buffering. Negotiations are in progress with a pizza shop to occupy the retail space on the right side, while a lease has been secured for a coffee shop to occupy the retail space on the left side. The remaining middle space is available for prospective tenants.

“Such investments not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our city but also contribute to the economic growth and vibrancy of Washington,” said Jonathan Russell, the City Manager of Washington.

Realtor Michael Overton, President of the Overton Group and a former Washington resident, is at the helm of overseeing the project.

“We try to balance out who the tenants are going to be, so they feed off each other,” shared Overton. “I don’t want a use in there that is going to be a detriment to the other tenants.”

For those interested in leasing a space within the Bridge Street Retail Project, direct inquiries can be made to The Overton Group at (252) 355-7006.