BTWG Founders awarded Entrepreneurs of the Year

Published 12:18 pm Friday, February 2, 2024


For the Washington Daily News

 Brent and Trent Wynne, the twin brothers behind the e-commerce, digital marketing and consulting firm BTW Global (BTWG), were recently recognized as the Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Washington Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce (WBCCC) 120th Annual Banquet on Jan. 25.

 The award, presented by Stuart O’Neal, Board Member for the WBCCC, highlighted BTWG’s excellence in the industry, innovative products and services, and its significant contribution to the local community.

 “To say it is well deserved is an understatement,” said O’Neal. “[BTWG] exemplifies what being an entrepreneur is all about.”

 Receiving the recognition was a humbling experience for Trent and Brent. They expressed gratitude but also felt undeserving, acknowledging the unseen challenges of doubt, failure, tears, hard work and family stress that accompany their entrepreneurial journey. The twins emphasized that the life of an entrepreneur transcends the conventional 9-to-5 schedule, with the business becoming a constant companion.

 “Being an entrepreneur is like walking up to a cliff, jumping off and building your parachute on the way down,” expressed Brent, encapsulating the unpredictable yet rewarding nature of entrepreneurship.

 Despite the challenges, they consider themselves fortunate to work and grow together, attributing their success to God.

 “We didn’t go into business looking for recognition, but it felt cool to be noticed,” said Trent. “Without [God’s] help and guidance, we would be nothing.”

 The duo, who started BTWG with a vision inspired by a book about selling on Amazon, have grown from a small team to around 40 employees. Their sales have reached around $25 million, a remarkable journey that began with selling clearance items from a discount store on Amazon.

 Currently in the design phase of their building development, the Wynne brothers are gearing up to expand their operations and address the space constraints they currently face. With plans to elevate their business to new heights, they aim to realize a specific sales goal of $30 million.

 “We are always working on different ideas, but our motto is it’s a nothing until it’s a something,” shared Trent. “Some of our best ideas come when we least expect it.”

 Beyond the physical infrastructure, they are conceptualizing a unique think tank space, free from distractions, equipped with whiteboards to foster intellectual work. Additionally, they are exploring the establishment of a culture space within their premises, envisioned as a hub for employee relaxation and connection.

 For those eyeing the e-commerce space, Trent provides practical advice, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to be dedicated and relentless in research. Brent emphasizes the need to find a niche and prove the ability to make a dollar or two before expanding.

 “The e-commerce space is abundant,” affirmed Trent. “But you have to put in hours of research and be dedicated to being the best you can be.”

 However, their success story isn’t devoid of personal struggles and their journey has fueled their desire to use their platform to help others.

 “I have dealt with depression and anxiety for 15 years,” shared Brent. “I want people to know that they are not alone, you can go and do successful things, and manage your mental health at the same time.”

 In the end, the story of BTWG and the Wynne brothers is not just about business success; it embodies resilience, humility and a commitment to making a meaningful impact on both the business landscape and the community they serve.