Executive Personnel Group recognized as Business of the Year

Published 8:00 am Friday, February 9, 2024

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For the Washington Daily News

Earlier this year, at the Washington Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce (WBCCC) annual banquet, Executive Personnel Group (EPG) emerged as the recipient of the esteemed Business of the Year Award. Sandra Warren, the owner of EPG, graciously accepted the honor in recognition of the company’s outstanding contributions to the local business landscape.

“My first thought was of gratitude,” expressed Warren. “The community has been extremely supportive of my staff and me as we have worked to become a valued part of Beaufort County.”

Catherine Glover, Executive Director of the WBCCC, praised Warren’s achievements in her remarks at the banquet. She commended Warren’s involvement in various boards and organizations, underscoring her commitment to community development.

“She is a quiet leader, mentor and there is a ripple effect with everyone she involves herself with,” said Glover. β€œShe moves mountains and brings people along with her because she believes in everyone being their best.”

Warren, who moved to Beaufort County in 1995, has not just built a business; she has become an integral part of the community. Her journey in the staffing industry, from starting EPG in 1999 to navigating economic downturns and talent shortages, showcases a commitment to overcoming challenges.

“Change and challenges can be painful, but we’ve adopted a strategy of initiating change for a more efficient and effective organization,” said Warren.

Despite EPG’s growth to 13 offices and the employment of thousands, Warren remains deeply involved in the community. She believes in the symbiotic relationship between business success and philanthropy.

“At EPG, we feel philanthropy is an absolute necessary part of our business strategy,” shared Warren.

Warren’s leadership philosophy revolves around responsibility, integrity and putting others first. She sees leadership as a means to help others grow and achieve their best, fostering a culture where challenges are faced head-on, and setbacks are opportunities for growth.

Looking to the future, Warren outlined EPG’s goals to remain a relevant partner to customers, associates and the community. With a focus on efficient operations and cutting-edge technology, EPG aims to bring growth and prosperity to both its business and the broader community.