Feed A Relationship

Published 1:57 pm Thursday, February 22, 2024

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By Rev. Stewart Ham

As we read in the Book of Genesis concerning man and woman creation, God made the inhabitance in the garden conducive to accommodate human life.
The garden was equipped and designed to supply all mankind with the needed food of all types.
This gave all men the nutrients they need to not only live, but to grow. Before the curse no man had to till, plant, or cultivate. This shows the mere power of God at creation.
So many lessons can be taken from this magnificent work of God. We see that if one doesn’t eat, they will basically get weak and eventually will die. The very same will take place when it comes to marriage, biological family members, church family, or basically any order that merits a relationship.
When these relationships are not fed properly, they will become weak, and if there’s no feeding intervention administered, they will eventually die.
The more a relationship is fed the stronger it will become. When we look at the various times of feeding. There’s event feeding, situational feeding, and constant feeding.
Event feeding, this is the various marriage or couple seminars that are put on by various group organizations and even churches. This is a special event that comes few and far between. This may give the relationship a sugar boost, however it will wear off thus putting the relationship back to square one.
The situational feeding, this is when something happens in the relationship that pushes the need for some type of counseling session, ASAP.
In this session damage control has to be taken and assessed, both at this point has to decide where they want the relationship to go at this point. One need to know the other’s desire about the relationship.
Then we have the constant feeding, this type of feeding comes rain or shine, one can count on these sessions taking place on a regular basis, with these feeding there’s follow ups and well fare checks.
A constant feeding deals with the various issues that arises. When we constantly give nourishment to the relationship, all that’s involved will connect one with the other. This connection is more of a spiritual connection than a physical connection. As spiritual overseers we as much as possible should look at the mental character and listen to the verbal communication of both towards each other.
A group of two or more people that’s dressed with the same shoes, shirts, pants, and dresses that are the very same color does not reflect a 100% true togetherness. True togetherness is done internally in one’s heart and mind.
When it’s an internal thing, our attitude and thoughts will have the same courteous and respect towards each other. One will not take advantage of another, communication will always be on point, the concern level will always be the same across the board. This basically leaves no space for satan to enter. When satan finds his way in a relationship it is a result of a weak link. It only takes one weak link to open an avenue for satan’s entrance.
We must remember that a relationship requires a constant work in order for it to become a true genuine authentic relationship.
The work is required to come from all parties that’s involved. Show me a couple where 80% of the work comes from one and 20% of the work comes from the other, then I will show a couple with a relationship that is destined to fail and will eventually die.
Even in relationships other than marriages, Solomon gives us some tips that can allude to building a strong relationship. In proverbs 10:12 He explains, one who possesses a true love in their spiritual heart will show mercy and will overlook another’s fault, rather than to plant seeds of separation within or outside of the group. When this is reciprocated throughout the group the process of growing and strengthening a relationship is well in progress.

Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Group Ministries Inc. in Aurora.