Learning then teaching makes the community better

Published 3:55 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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By Stewart Ham

In learning something new, and learning new ideals can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do, even communicating with someone who has different views than you can be very tough and time consuming.
One of the shocking things about this is you may learn that something you been holding on to for years thinking it was right, turned out to be basically wrong in some aspect.

The longevity of possessing such wrong knowledge can very well be the cause of one refusing to let go and explore other knowledge.

The world is constantly changing, technology is constantly changing and old manufacturing is constantly being replaced with the new. This is a part of life; it’s seen every day in both the local and foreign government. Even the conferences and associations of our Christian communities have experienced many changes to its agendas.

The term ignorant refers to the lack of knowledge and know how or one who has a limited amount of knowledge in their ability/abilities at a given moment.

We’ve all found ourselves standing in those shoes. However, due to our hunger and thirst for much better things, through the power of the almighty God we were able to muscle up strength to learn and grasp new and better ideals and opportunities.

Improving one’s conditions in all areas of life is one of the greatest things one can do for themselves, and their families. This is basically living and not dying.

In John 10:10v. Jesus explains: “the purpose of His coming, teaching, healing, and physical dying was to give us opportunities “along with obtainable knowledge.

This is the main reason that one should never refuse the many available opportunities to learn new things.
Learning can improve cognitive abilities as well as improve one’s physical and mental health.
This is basically the abundant life that Jesus was teaching us about.

One of the main purposes of every successful learner is to teach and be a light to others. Pass this information on by sharing and being an example to many. One of my brothers-in-law, Hilton E Patrick famous phrase “When you learn something new, pass it on.”

When one refuses to learn, they can become a road block to others who are trying to learn. This is someone who has the mental ability to share valuable information, but refuses the opportunity to mentor or shadow someone else.
King David tells us in Psalms 1:1v. that a man/woman are blessed people when they work faithful in staying out of bad counsel which includes the refusal to spread love and educational tips and guidance that can help lead someone to a prosperous and successful life.

Let’s study and learn to fill in those empty blinks in the sentences of our lives. Let us be stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks to many.

The community is made better by the operation of one person learning and teaching others one person at a time, and that one person teaching or learning may very well be you, your children, or siblings. Embrace learning, welcome the change, encourage, and be willing to give some guidance and support to the new generation and most of all, pray for them.

The Rev. Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Growth Unlimited Ministries Inc.in Aurora