Write Again…And that just how it is

Published 3:57 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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Sometimes, often in fact, when I am watching the news, some of the announcers-reporters-correspondents-talking heads talk so fast, words tumbling, spilling over one another, and because of my age my cerebral capability is diminished to the extent I cannot keep up with or understand much of anything they are saying. Plus, even with hearing aids I’m, well, often lost. It may as well be Swahili.

Then, just before completing their tsunami of verbiage, they end in an almost whisper. I don’t think the Good Lord Himself hears it.

Speaking of chin-wagging, most of the TV preachers are good at it. I mean really good. Especially when they are exhorting you to send in your down payment on a place in heaven. You see, they need your financial support so they can remain on the air in order to ask for your financial support so they can remain on the air in order . . . Well. You get it.

My main man Rick Bragg wrote that “I love the hard-rock preachers in their Conway Twitty sideburns who fling scripture with the force of a flying horseshoe at congregations who all but levitate in the grasp of the Holy Ghost . . .” Oh, my. I’m never going to be able to write like Rick.

Now, I’m not anti the good men and women who preach based on the didactic principles espoused in the Sermon on the Mount.

However, it is troubling in these times when it seems so many, in a certain political party, think Christian and conservative are synonymous. You know, one and the same. If you aren’t that, then you aren’t a Christian. Such a biased viewpoint may be helpful politically, but what a sad way to seek votes.

Maybe such thinking is endemic to some people, and always has been. How one can feel good about -feel Christian about -such sentiments is beyond me.

Talk about “religious superiority.”

Enough about all that. What I think, write about, isn’t going to influence these folks to even attempt to see things in a different light.

Not going to happen. Peace.

APROPOS -“Almost every sect of Christianity is a perversion of its essence, to accommodate it to the prejudices of the world.”
(William Hazlitt – 1817)