Write Again…That will preach, brother

Published 2:58 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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“Death comes for us all. Even at our birth — even at our birth — it does but stand aside a little, and muses to itself whether it will draw nigh. It is the law of nature, and the will of God.”

Now, you may think why in the world is he beginning his weekly column talking (writing) about death. That’s depressing.
The answer to that, at least partly, is I’m eight and a half decades old, and not to acknowledge that is wishful thinking.

Plus, after my exit, who will continue “Write Again?”

Just kidding, folks. I realize that very few will note my passing, or cessation of my weekly writing endeavor.

Keeping Hope Alive – I read in our paper that the executive director of the Beaufort County Arts Council, Kelly Shanafelt, recently spoke at a meeting of the Kiwanis Club. She shared with the club plans for the year ahead, ambitious and all worthy.

Obviously, she is a smart young lady. Pretty too. (Is that chauvinistic?)

So. Ms. Shanafelt, please indulge me yet another never acted upon request of mine.

Please find a prominent location in the BCAC to put up photos or drawings of Cecil B. DeMille and Murray Hamilton. If these two names are not familiar to you, it’s because your predecessors never chose to do that which should have been done.

Just a brief bio to go with the pies or portraits, or even pen-and-ink drawings, would be great. I’ll keep hope alive once again.

Bound for Glory – Today’s column began with thoughts about dying, which I said was “depressing.” Well now, that’s not necessarily so. Let me tell you why.

A dear friend, hospitalized in failing health, was visited by her former music minister turned senior pastor, now retired.

During their conversation she said, “I’m going home tomorrow.” He was thinking she would need hospice care, and began to try and lead the conversation in that direction.

“No. I’m going HOME tomorrow. I’m going to heaven,” she said. And she did.

We once had a pastor in Manteo who would have said, “That’ll preach, brother! That’ll preach.”

Let’s pray we all go home.