PROFILE 2024: Katherine Moravec & Warren Allen

Published 8:00 am Saturday, March 23, 2024

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Name: Katherine Moravec and Warren Allen
Age: Both 31

Residence: Washington, NC

Hometown: Southern Indiana (Katherine); Greenville, North Carolina (Warren)

Katherine Moravec, an Emergency Medicine Doctor at ECU Health – Beaufort Hospital in Washington, NC, and her husband, Warren Allen, not only share a life but also jointly own and manage two establishments in the Historic Downtown – 1906 Bistro and Bourbon, and The West Main. Additionally, Warren wears the hat of co-owner at Elite Truck, a comprehensive work vehicle equipment provider covering everything from large fleet deals to single custom orders. Warren has been named the 2024Young Professional of the Year.

  • Why did you choose your profession?

W: I chose marketing and startups because of the opportunity for growth, the learning and the challenge it provided. There is an incredible amount of work that goes into it but ultimately there is a lot of flexibility that comes with it. I was fascinated early on by growth in e-commerce and technology companies and that continues today with our growth and investment at Elite Truck. 

K: I loved math and chemistry in high school so the obvious major for me in college I thought was Chemical Engineering, but as I progressed in college, I changed directions and went Pre-Med. Still completing my Chemical Engineering degree and then going to medical school afterwards. I realized Emergency Medicine is in a great position to help people who are in a vulnerable situation. 

  • Who in Beaufort County has influenced your life the most?  

W: Our progress with our building renovations and business openings has been most influenced by Jonathan Russell, the Washington City Manager, and members from the city such as utilities and the fire department. Everyone has been helpful with getting the required permits and inspections, working with us to keep the ball rolling. 

K: There are a lot of moving parts with any project and we have received a lot of support from the city to smooth out the obstacles. 

W: Jonathan has been a call away for anything big or small – be it the dumpsters needing to be emptied more frequently or electric services turned on. Anytime we have had complications or needed clarity in the process, he has helped us navigate the projects and getting them done.

K: I would add my biggest Beaufort County influence, since I do spend a lot of time at work, has been Emilie Pendley. She is from Beaufort County and is a local physician who is largely invested in the community, from the EMS aspect to being at the hospital, giving countless hours to help our county and those to the east. She’s been a good female career role model. 

  • It’s a beautiful day in Beaufort County and you have the day off. How are you spending it?

K: We would get up in the morning and walk our dog to a coffee shop, saying hello to our neighbors along the way. Then we’d pack up and pick up the boat from Inner Banks Marina to get out on the river for a few hours. We’d ride the boat over to Backwater Jacks for lunch and enjoy a few more hours on the river. Then clean up before heading downtown to one of our favorite spots. If it’s a Friday night, we are going to the wine tasting at Wine and Words.

W: Or dinner at The Hackney. It sounds like a perfect day. 

K: There are so many good options! We don’t get tired of our favorite spots. 

  • If you were to plan Beaufort County’s future and it was to come true, what would you like to see happen? 

K: I would love to see more festivals in the streets and concerts in the park – things that really bring the community together! 

W: I would love to see increased collaboration across restaurants, charities, and organizations to produce the events Katherine mentioned for the entire community. More forward thinking from the stakeholders in Washington, realizing that there may be exponential growth that needs to be accounted for, or growth will be limited based on the actions taken. 

  • Why should people consider working, living and playing in Beaufort County?

W: I believe the pace of life is something that more people are starting to consider. Here in Beaufort County you can enjoy walking to get coffee in the morning. You have restaurants and bars all within a few blocks. I think that there are still opportunities to move here and grow in the community because it is not oversaturated. It is a great town for especially for young people and families to consider.  

K: I think the water access is amazing with multiple public ramps. Living in Indianapolis before I came to North Carolina, I’ve experienced full size cities, but here there really is a neighborly feel. You make friends fairly quickly around here and we’ve really enjoyed it.