PROFILE 2024: Alex Sefton

Published 8:00 am Sunday, March 31, 2024

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Name: Alex Sefton
Age: 29

Residence: Washington, NC

Hometown: Clarke County, VA

Alex Sefton, a graduate of the Campbell University School of Law in Raleigh, North Carolina, serves as an Assistant District Attorney for Beaufort County. In his role, Alex prosecutes criminal defendants in Beaufort, Martin, Washington, Hyde, and Tyrrell Counties, representing the state, the public, and the citizens of Beaufort County to safeguard their interests. Outside the courtroom, he volunteers as the head varsity coach for Pungo Christian Academy’s high school team, showcasing his competitive edge while aiming for a perfect 10-0 season in his third year at the helm.

  • Why did you choose your profession? I grew up with a younger sister, so I was always very protective of her. I am a protective person and I look out for those I care for. In my role as an Assistant District Attorney, I care for the public. I have the opportunity to be the voice for those who don’t have a voice and to protect those who aren’t able to protect themselves. In law school I did an internship with a private criminal defense firm, and I really thought I wanted to be a defense attorney. However, when I took a North Carolina Prosecutor class my third year, I realized I had the right coin, but I was on the wrong side of that coin. In my role as a prosecutor, I can protect more people. I am super competitive and, in the courtroom, it’s super competitive, so I love that! 

  • Who in Beaufort County has influenced your life the most? I’d say it’s two people – Tom Anglim and Seth Edwards. I felt like I was in school until the 25th grade. I felt like I started being an adult at 25, and not only as a baby lawyer, but also as a baby adult; it was the first time I was not in a school setting. Both of them, through their help here at the office, mentored me in the field of law, making me become a better attorney. Also, the lessons that they have taught me filled in as that mentor figure going into the abyss of the adult world. I hit the jackpot with Tom and Seth. They are two of the most incredible men that I have ever met – respectful, respected, and damn good at what they do, serving the citizens of Beaufort County. 

  • What was your initial impression of Beaufort County and has it changed? If so, how? I grew up in a small town so coming here, I traded the mountains for the water. First impression was it’s a cute town on the water with a mix of country life. Downtown feels like a Hallmark movie walking down the streets. 

  • It’s a beautiful day in Beaufort County and you have the day off. How are you spending it? I am taking advantage of our beautiful scenery by going down on the waterfront. Taking advantage of the new breweries that were not here when I first started. I’d want to make the most of being by the water with an ice cold drink in my hand listening to some live music. That’s tough to beat. 

  • Where are you taking someone during their first visit to Beaufort County?  One hundred percent, Backwater Jacks! I love the vibes – like a beach town without a beach. 


  • Why are people so obsessed with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? I think it’s more Jason and Travis Kelce, and then Taylor Swift. Jason is more like the “dudes dude” – a football guy. Travis has more flare and theatrics, getting excited on game day. You get both types of guys there. On the flip side of that, Taylor Swift, the fantastic global super star. I can still remember listening to T-Swift in 9th grade. She brings a whole new crowd to football. You mix that crowd with the Kelce crowd, I don’t know the Venn diagram, but I don’t too many people who would fall outside of it. The people outside of it probably wouldn’t have watched football anyways, but I would say it brought a lot of people to football and I love that. It has been interesting to see the timeline of the season. At the beginning it was, “We have a Taylor spotting!” up in the booth and now it’s just expected. It’s a really cool thing for football and I am pumped for T-Swift.