Dinner with friends on Hawkins Beach

Published 4:35 pm Monday, April 8, 2024

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Little Dave Tayloe has lived at Hawkins Beach during the summer all of his younger years. He and his two sisters and brothers have not spent a summer in town. Their dad loved Hawkins Beach as did their mom. Mrs. Erin told Dr. Dave that she was not going to run to town every day and she meant it. Their family loves it and I can understand why. Dr. Dave and Mrs. Erin left their house to them and Dave and Denise, also Buffa and Whit Powell have built down there. It is a beautiful area.

Hawkins Beach is located just south of Camp Leach near Bath about 14 miles from Washington. For Dr. Dave, it was a short trip to the hospital. I can see how that would be place to spend the summers.

Little Dave, like his Father, is a pediatrician in Goldsboro, N.C. And he and Denise spend their spare time on the river. They refer to their dad as Big Dave.

We were invited down to have dinner with Dave and Denise. Dave cooked Big Dave’s BBQ chicken. David, Buffa and Whit and Tracey and I had our bellies full! Dave and Denise were perfect hosts and I can’t believe how much Dave resembles his daddy. Denise gets prettier year after year and I remember the night I smashed an egg on her head.

We couldn’t wait to tell stories about Big Dave and Whit led the crowd. Soon afterwards Whit started telling me Al Vaughn stories. Coach Vaughn is true legend in Eastern North Carolina as a high school football coach and Whit played for him. It was good to get know Buffa’s husband. I have met Whit Powell before but after that night I feel I know him better.

I have not seen my God-Son David, since Christmas at Big Dave’s home on Short Drive. It was good seeing him and I am so proud of him. Like his father and grandfather, he also is a pediatrician in New Bern.

I can say enough about the evening. Laughter filled the room and Big Dave would be proud as would Mrs. Erin. She would be happy that she didn’t have to cook that meal. They got a place that makes the grandparents Mrs. Erin you do not have to drive in town!

They were the best of times with the best friends and in the best of places, Washington, N.C. The Original Washington!