A church with a message

Published 3:37 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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By Rev. Stewart Ham

Riding throughout various communities and even out of state, I observed the many churches and their names. I found the majority chose a name that defines them as a ministry. Some have renamed their ministry for that purpose. The name of the church I presently pastor has changed three different times, initially it was Weeping Rachel Free Will Baptist Church, secondly it was changed to the Peed Town Baptist Church, and presently is New Growth Unlimited Ministries, Inc. Briefly, New Growth reflects a new beginning, making new starts, beginning the process of living a better life and being a better husband, wife father, mother, sister, brother, friend, co-worker, etc. Unlimited reflects any and all levels.

I wanted the name of the church to hold a conversation with the members and visitors. Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy 6:7v., 8v., basically told Israel to somewhat decorate their homes with various things that conveys messages of teaching their children positive Godly orientated things to practice in and outside the home.
My vision of interior decorating in a church sanctuary is along the walls there should be greenery type flowers such as: Persian grass, or vine eucalyptus or even an ivy plant. Around the pulpit should be beautiful arrangements of blossom flowers. The greenery along the walls represents the growth process, the blossom arrangements near the pulpit represent maturity. The closer you move toward the front, the more it reflect your spiritual growth, a steady trend that results in a mature individual with a beautiful Godly personality.

These assembly accommodations give off a message to people and possess a warm and peaceful spirit.
In our Homiletic class we call that relative preaching. It’s basically being creative with designs that gives a message many can learn and pull from.

Paul in I Corinthians 10:31v., urges the people of Corinth; no matter what agenda they take on, to always have God’s interest at heart, and when our vision is about billboarding true Godly messages we have God’s approval.
The Apostle Paul contrasts the church with the relationship of a husband and wife.
Paul explained that Christ gave Himself for the church, and the church is the soul and spiritual heart of an individual.

We just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, and He did it for the remission of our sins, and redeeming us spiritually.

Upon the acceptance of Jesus and applying the commands as mentioned in the word, we can then convey Godly messages. Our life will speak to many, our good attitude will lead by example.

When your life speaks to the community as the name of a ministry does, it becomes a bright light in many dark places.

The gospel of St. Matthew 5:16v. encourages us to let our inner Godly man lead and we must follow. When this happens others will observe us and mimic some of the things we do especially in tough times.
One benefits more from the example that’s shown to them in extreme adversity than normal times. Adverse times are when their eyes need to be open the most. It’s during these times that many obstacles, detours and even road blocks show up in their lives.

We must understand that as hard as we try to convey good messages, there are those that convey bad ones. We have men believing they were born to be women, and women believing they was born to be men. This is sending a message that God had made a mistake. These among many others are bad messages. We can combat these messages by merely doing the right things and being a good example.

You will never know how much of a difference and blessing you will be to people. One of the things that can be done to help send good messages, is examine and evaluate who you are.

As a church, we have to manage and evaluate its operations, helping it to stay on track and remain capable of being financially able to do. As an individual, we have to do the very same thing that we may continue to be a church/ individual with a good long-lasting message. Denominations play no factor, for this is all about God.
Martin Luther, a German priest and theologian, made the statement “The church exists wherever the word of God is proclaimed, and the church is a spiritual community oriented to and shaped by the words giving by the Holy Spirit.”
Individuals are shaped more by the word of God and the Holy Spirit than the actual ministry itself. When we are spiritually shape by God through the Holy spirit, the Bible, and the preached and taught word of God, we will become a good Godly message giver.

Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Growth Ministries Inc. in Aurora.