Deed transfers: March 31-April 6, 2024

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from March 31-April 6, 2024

April 1
Pamlico Beach Fire & Rescue Squad to Sidney Volunteer Fire Dept. Inc., .84 & .56 acre on State Rd. 1730, Bath Township
Lawrence Weldin to Felicia Randall, Lot 270 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township
Michael John Frederick Sargent to Michael John Frederick Sargent Revocable Trust, three transactions in Beaufort Co.
James R Boyd to James R Boyd Tr., 16 transactions in Beaufort Co.
James R Boyd to James Todd Boyd Tr., six transactions in Beaufort Co.
Central Park Burlington LLC to David Tsui, several tracts and parcels, Beaufort Co.
David Tsui to Pamlico Coastal Ventures LLC, several tracts and parcels, Beaufort Co.
D.R. Horton Inc. to Ryan Anthoney Ryan Wolbert, Lot 34 Wheat Field, Washington Township
Durwood Allen Dixon Jr. to Bobby Ray Waters, .72 acre on State Rd. 1102, Richland Township
James T Daniels to Cotton Patch Owner LLC, 30.37 & 4.86 acres in Blounts Creek
The Robin Banks Declaration of Revocable Trust to Harratsch LLC, 1.0 acre on State Rd. 1932, Richland Township
Patricia Ann Lammers Tr. to Janelle Brown, 156.4 acres in Chocowinity Township
John M Leonard to NRX, .2 acre in Washington
David K Hodges to Malcolm S Carmichael, .14 & .20 acre on Hickory Pt. Rd, & .02 acre on Guilford & Service St., Richland Township
Francis Watkins Guilford Exec. to Archie Grey Rowe Jr. 10.92 acres on State Rd. 1106, Chocowinity Township
Francis Watkins Guilford Exec. to Francis Watkins Guilford, .18 acre in Chocowinity Township
Frank Raymond Johnson Jr to James Raymond Johnson, 18.13 acres on State Rds. 1002, 1922, 1923 & South Creek, Richland Township
Eric Alan Burns to Justin lee Mauney, Lot 15 Banjo Creek Estates, Beaufort Co.
Inner Banks Living LLC to David F Stigler II, property in Chocowinity Township

April 2
Jesse Campbell to The Grady G Harris Family Revocable Trust, Lot 13 Block G Harris Acres, Chocowinity Township
Forrest Chandler Howell to Forrest Chandler Howell, .7 acre on Broad Creek Rd., Long Acre Township
Children’s Development LLC to Centerstate LLC, 1.01 acre on W. 13th & Bridge St., Washington
Edna C Evans to Edna C Evans, Lot 1 Block V Smallwood, Washington
William F Dorn to William Jacob Scott Dorn, Lot 71 Pirate Cove Long Acre Township
Tammy Bennett to Gustavo Martinez-Cruz, property on Gaynor & Buck Rd., Washington Township
Terri Pruitt Howell to Hunter Turnage, two lots in Colonial Beach, Bath Township
James Patrick Rodgers to David Matthew Ross, Lot 145 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township

April 3
Hoyt A Minges Jr to BC Ventures LLC, 249.732 acres in Chocowinity Township
Jimmy Horton to Carl Core, Lots 7 & 8 Block F Beaufort Heights, Washington Township
David Richard Powell to Kristal Andrews, 12.59 acres in Washington Township
Joyce Hardee Moret to Randol Williams, 11.65 acres in Washington Township
Ethel Whitehead to Kelley T Bushman, property in Beaufort Co.
Mae Sneed Booth to Jeremiah Cody Smith, Lot 7 Montclair, Long Acre Township
Joseph R Wallis Tr. to Elaine Waters, 1.149 acres in Long Acre Township
Joann House to Joann House, property on N. Respess & 11th St., Washington

April 4
David M Giordano to Alida Murray, Lot 48 Winchester, Long Acre Township
D.R. Horton Inc. to Brittany Diana Carlyle, Lot 31 Wheat Field, Washington Township
Mark D Winn Tr. to William M Warrick, property on 3rd St., Washington
David Thais to William F Rogers Jr, Lot 42 Pamlico Plantation Long Acre Township
Christopher J Mansfield to Kenneth William Andrew, Lot 10 Bridgewater North, Bath Township
Ralph Hodges Hackney to David Michael Ruff, Lot 198 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity

April 5
Reginald K Toler Sr. to Reginald K Toler Jr, two lots in Long Acre Township
Michael L Quidley Sr to MSBJR Holdings LLC, .07 acre on W. 5th St. & Union Alley, Washington
Fractal Realty LLC to David Rivera Angelino Estevez, 1.0 acre on Pamlico Beach & Watkins Rd., Bath Township
Trudy Oakley Garris to Candice M Reed, .859 acre, Lot 4 Indian Island View, Richland Township
Ann Elizabeth Levy to Jeffrey Michael Foley, property on the Pamlico river, Beaufort Co.