Boat building opportunities at Beaufort County Community College

Published 12:04 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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When I decided to write opinion and information articles, I decided that many would focus on Beaufort County Community College (BCCC) and Beaufort County Schools (BCS). I believe they are the foundation of our community and deserve of a lot of attention.

There are also private and charter schools which contribute to our community and the education of our young folks.

Graduates from BCS often chose Beaufort County Community College as their path to a career. BCCC is a place of opportunity and learning for all and has greatly expanded their offerings over the years.

In past years, I had contact with BCCC as a county commissioner and as a volunteer.  Through this contact, I was able to understand the great value of BCCC, how it contributes to the community, and a lot of great people who work there.

I renewed my contact with BCCC recently to update my relationship with BCCC. My initial trip was to gain knowledge of the boat building curriculum and to tour the boat building.

Dr. David Loope, President of BCCC welcomed me to BCCC. Staff I met with included Dr. Lisa Hill; Vice President of Academic Affairs and Ben Morris; Dean of Business, Technology and Public Services. Dr. Hill is responsible for all the curriculum programs at BCCC

BCCC offers a Boat Manufacture and Service Diploma in Boat Construction. The program prepares students for employment in the manufacture and service of boats.

Other training offered includes Advanced Composite Boat Construction Certificate and Introduction to Composite Boat Building Certificate.

The training applies to anyone seeking a career in boat building and is an excellent next step for those who received training in boat building at Washington High School.

The new 5,201-square-foot Boat Manufacturing Building was completed in 2023. Included in the building is everything needed to build a boat which the class is doing this year. The facility even includes a paint booth. Very nice!

Aaron Adams is the boat building instructor. He took me on a tour of the building. Looking around, I could tell there are a lot of projects in process. I even saw the boat they’re building; it is also very nice.

Aaron instructs but also works closely with all boat manufacturers. Due to the size of BCCC’s service area, his travels go well past Beaufort and Pitt County. Being an instructor seems to be just part of the job.

Aaron came to BCCC in 2023 to instruct boat building. He is actually instructing and helping build a program that will benefit Beaufort and other counties for years to come.

Beaufort County Community College has the only facility dedicated to boat building at the college level in eastern North Carolina and possibly the entire state. With boat manufacturing being as large a sector as it is; a long-needed facility and training is being provided here in eastern North Carolina right here in Beaufort County.

If you’re a young or old entering BCCC, I highly recommend the boat building program as a path to a profitable, future career. Opportunity awaits those entering the boat building or other career programs at BCCC. Today is a good day for future students to start planning.

Al Klemm is a Washington resident and a former Beaufort County Commissioner.