Write Again…It was breaking news!

Published 4:16 pm Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Pop culture. To say that I am clueless is truly an understatement.

Fact of the matter, I’m not even sure if it’s called pop culture now. As a crass, profane sergeant in my unit would say, what I know wouldn’t fill a thimble. That expression may have been the only notable words he ever uttered. That was a long time ago.

What I’m attempting to get to, friends, has to do with the “breaking news” I
saw on TV this morning (4-19-24). I mean, it was attention-grabbing, breath-taking, hard to take-in-news.
So, tell us, please, please tell us, I’m sure you are now thinking. Since you are hungrily hankering to know, should you not have already heard, here it is:

Not only did Taylor Swift release a new album just a few days ago, she stunned the whole world when it was announced at 2:00 am (that’s dark-time, folks) that she is releasing -are you ready? -a surprise album also.

Good golly, Miss Molly. Talk about a surprise news flash. Hard to process, isn’t it?

Yet, amid the fervor and excitement, candor compels me to make a confession.

That being, I don’t think I have ever heard a song Miss Swift has sung.
Don’t know the name of any of her songs. Couldn’t hum one note of the first one of them.
Yet, she is, it seems, one of the most recognized homosapiens on the planet.
Maybe on Mars too, for all I know.

All I do know was that which I watched this morning, very early. From the clips shown, it seemed to be different visuals depicting Miss Swift in various poses every 2-3 seconds, and as to words and melody line, I couldn’t get any of it.

To say about all of this -pop culture -that I am abysmally ignorant, would be irrefutable.

Or, as Sgt. Cole said, what I know wouldn’t fill a thimble. And that’s the way it is.
Have a pleasant weekend, friends. You hear?