PROFLE 2024: Trenton Flemming

Published 8:00 am Sunday, April 28, 2024

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Name: Trenton Flemming 

Age 27 

Residence: Washington

Trenton Flemming has come almost full circle geographically. He grew up and played high school basketball in Columbia, S.C., then played for Division III Johnson University in Tennessee, coached in Minnesota for a year, moved to Washington D.C. to continue his career and came closer to home in August of 2023 to teach 7th grade English at P.S. Jones Middle School in Washington and coach the varsity boys basketball team at Southside HS in Chocowinity.

  1. What things about Washington remind you of growing up in Columbia, S.C.?

It’s nice to be back in what I call the South. There are a lot of the same family and traditional values here that I grew up with, which is nice. Washington is the smallest place I’ve lived, but there’s also the least commotion and I can relax without having to look over my shoulder. I think there is good diversity here and P.S. Jones is a melting pot. I’ve enjoyed it here a lot so far.

2. What makes Washington/Beaufort County attractive to young professionals?

The location is outstanding. We’re close to several airports if we want to travel, we’re close to the beach and it’s a very walkable community. Fitness is important and it’s easy to exercise here. I really enjoy walking on the boardwalk along the waterfront and seeing what’s new downtown. It’s not too touristy and there’s a good variety of food. 

3. What have you enjoyed the most about teaching middle school kids?

Middle schoolers challenge me every day. Not every student is on the same level, so I have to figure out how to break things down so they understand. I try to empower them to set goals and take ownership of their education and think long term. It’s fun to see them figure things out after they say they can’t.

4. The Southside boys basketball team has struggled this season. How has it made you a better coach?

This season has been a series of teachable moments. We lost two senior starters to season-ending injuries, which is very tough for them. However, it presents an opportunity for a younger guy to step up. We had very little varsity experience returning from last year, so I’ve tried to build relationships with all of them so our future will be brighter. We have grown as a unit and learned that there’s no time to hang our heads and feel sorry for ourselves. It’s important for young people to learn to persevere through hard times.

5. You’ve coached at the small college level and privately. Has the high school level been a good fit?

Absolutely. I have a passion for basketball and have figured out that I can make a real impact at this level. I have proven to myself that I can make a positive impact at P.S. Jones in the classroom and at Southside on the court. I’ve known that I wanted to be a coach for a long time so I can help through basketball. We are planting seeds here right now and it will be fun to watch them grow.