New boutique lodging, The West Main, opens in downtown Washington

Published 12:34 pm Friday, May 3, 2024

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The West Main, a newly renovated boutique lodging, officially opened its doors this week in Washington, offering a unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Spearheaded by local entrepreneurs Warren Allen and Katherine Moravec, this venture features six exquisitely designed units, each thoughtfully crafted to preserve the building’s historic essence while providing contemporary comforts.

The project, which took two years to complete, was marked by its fair share of challenges, particularly in balancing the preservation of the building’s original features with necessary modern upgrades. The restoration of the building’s original staircase was particularly demanding due to its deteriorated condition, posing safety risks and requiring meticulous craftsmanship to repair.

“The difficulty was working within knowing we wanted to retain as much of the historic features as possible while also like updating things,” explained Allen. “That made a lot of simple tasks twice as difficult.” 

The lodging accommodates a range of guest needs, from individual travelers to families, with units capable of sleeping two to four people. The thoughtful amenities, including full kitchenettes for extended stays and innovative self-check-in systems, reflect the owners’ attention to detail in creating a seamless guest experience.

“I think the fully equipped kitchens and smart TVs add a significant level of comfort for guests staying for longer periods or celebrating special occasions,” added Moravec.

Moravec shared her relief and enthusiasm about the project’s completion, expressing her satisfaction with the final product. She emphasized the mix of emotions from the initial dreaming and demolition phases to the subsequent challenges and final sense of accomplishment. Their goal, she noted, is for guests to feel both a connection to Washington’s rich history and the comfort of modern luxuries.

“I think that it surpassed the vision,” said Allen. “Looking at it now, I’m like, wow, this is really cool.”

Throughout the renovation process, the owners faced numerous unforeseen challenges, such as adapting to the building’s uneven and aged structure, which required every construction element to be custom fitted. This painstaking attention to detail was critical in ensuring the structural and aesthetic integrity of the building.

“Everything took twice as long,” recalled Allen. “Every single thing had to be cut different because no two measurements were alike within the whole building.”

For those considering similar restoration projects, Moravec advises anticipating budget overruns and embracing them as part of the process. Allen highlighted the importance of organization and prioritization throughout the renovation, noting that a well-maintained project timeline is essential for managing such a complex undertaking. 

The West Main offers a mix of queen and king beds to suit various preferences and group sizes. Additionally, guests will receive a complimentary drink token redeemable at the 1906 Bistro and Bourbons, also owned by Allen and Moravec, located downstairs. For added convenience, the building is equipped with an elevator, enhancing accessibility for all guests.

To experience the unique combination of history and modern comfort at The West Main, guests can book their stay online at or call (252) 210-4335.