PROFILE 2024: Bronté Labbé

Published 8:00 am Saturday, May 11, 2024

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NAME: Bronté Labbé

AGE: 29

RESIDENCE: Greenville, North Carolina

Bronté Labbé is originally from Los Angeles, but moved to Washington a little over a year ago.  Labbé is the visual arts and marketing director for the Turnage Theatre and the Beaufort County Arts Council. As the visual arts director she oversees all of the gallery spaces. As marketing director she manages all of the social media and marketing schedules, as-well-as the branding, graphic design, and website makeovers as needed. 

Who in Beaufort County has influenced your life the most?

I would have to say, Alayna Boyer. She was an intern at the council right when I was first getting started. It was a time when I not only needed a co-worker I could lean on and really trust, but a friend. Alayna was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, and was able to assist me in keeping a finger on the pulse of things in the area. She has been such a good friend and a great asset to me over the last year.

Where would you take someone visiting Beaufort County for the first time?

I definitely would take them to the historic Turnage Theatre, as it is such a very special place. And, of course, the waterfront. That’s what sold me on the area. It is so special and always worth seeing if you have visitors coming into town.

What are some unique challenges your generation faces versus other generations?

I think one of the unique challenges that my generation faces is definitely the fight for a seat at the table. Currently that table feels as if it is very full, so it is difficult sometimes to be invited and to have a say. It is important for people to understand that the perspective of those who are younger is always needed when you are looking to grow. Just being open to see things from another perspective, is critically important.

Why should people consider working, living, and playing in Beaufort County?

I think Beaufort County is a very special place to work, live, and play. Even though we are a rural county we do have a lot of opportunities here, especially with our nonprofits. Our nonprofit network is really unique and special, and seems to serve very special niches. Being from Los Angeles where resources were very unavailable and scarce, it is refreshing to be in a place where there are a lot of opportunities and you are invited to take advantage of them. You are oftentimes met with a lot more understanding here, which goes a long way for people like me who are from a much bigger city.

How would you encourage young people to get involved in their towns’ or countys’ leadership?

Definitely through the Arts Council. There are a lot of opportunities here through attending classes or volunteering, and just coming to events and being a face in the crowd. Beyond that there are advancement opportunities for growth at Beaufort County Community College. Washington is so special if you want to get involved. Just show up and be a face in front of someone and there will be opportunities to get involved. The area truly is unique.

If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be and what would you serve?

Vivienne Westwood, a fashion designer and style icon, my Mama, Gail Labbé, and my childhood best friend, Lizzette Llamas. All there for dinner would be a fun group. As for the meal, my Mama’s Crawfish étouffée.