Elite Truck moves to new building

Published 4:15 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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Elite Truck, an e-commerce company specializing in commercial truck and van equipment, has relocated to a newly renovated, larger building at 305 N Market Street in Washington, North Carolina. This move marks a significant milestone for the company and the local community, signaling growth and expanded opportunities.

The decision to move was driven by the need for more space to accommodate Elite Truck’s growing team. Previously, employees were scattered across different locations, including renting temporary space from both the Little Washington Sailing School and Inner Banks Legal Services. This dispersion impacted team cohesion and productivity.

“We’ve been cramped in our old space for a while,” shared Harrison Boyd, co-founder of Elite Truck. “Getting everyone in one spot has definitely helped morale. It’s a win for everybody.”

Elite Truck currently employs around 30 people, but the new facility allows for significant expansion. The new office space includes conference rooms and private offices, which were not available in the previous location. This improvement facilitates better communication and operational efficiency, allowing the company to potentially double its staff.

“The new space is going to allow us to continue to do what we’re doing, but do it better,” said Boyd. “We’re able to get the team together for training and meetings, making the business more efficient.”

Staying in Washington was a deliberate and meaningful decision for Boyd and his co-founder, Warren Allen. They considered other locations but ultimately chose to remain in Washington, underscoring their commitment to the local community.

“Taking a building that was vacant and turning it into what you see now is impressive,” said Boyd. “Being able to keep the business in Washington was really cool. We love the walkability and staying connected to downtown.”

City leadership played a crucial role in making this move possible. The City Manager for Washington, Jonathan Russell, and the Beaufort County Economic Development Office provided essential support and encouragement, facilitating the project’s success.

“We give a lot of credit to everyone at the city for working with us, and to the subcontractors who worked hard to make it happen,” said Allen. The project also benefited from a grant facilitated by the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA), highlighting the collaborative effort to boost local economic development.

Brad Hufford, Economic Development Director for Beaufort County, expressed his support for Elite Truck’s expansion.

“We are thrilled to see Elite Truck expand and thrive here in Beaufort County,” said Hufford. “Their growth is a testament to the hard work and innovation that Harrison and Warren have put into their business. The new jobs they are bringing to our community will have a positive impact on our local economy, and we are excited about their future.”

Customer service remains a cornerstone of Elite Truck’s business model. Despite the move, the company has maintained its high standards, ensuring that customers receive excellent service.

“From day one, our business was built around good customer service,” emphasized Boyd. This commitment has fostered a loyal customer base and driven the company’s growth.

Since moving into their new space earlier this month, Elite Truck has already hosted business partners from Oregon, South Carolina, New York and Canada. This capability to host vendors is a new advantage brought by the new facility.

“We’re excited to bring people to town to experience Washington,” said Allen. “The new office allows us to better host our vendors and partners.”

Elite Truck anticipates hiring for customer service, automotive experience, and sales positions in the near future. Boyd noted that the company filled many of their available jobs in anticipation of the new office, not waiting for the move to begin adding new positions.

“As we have become more involved in the industry and built new relationships with vendors, it has opened our eyes to how much growth potential there is,” said Boyd. “We are really excited about that.”

The community is invited to celebrate this new chapter with Elite Truck at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 22 at 2 p.m. at their new location. The event is open to the public, offering a chance for the community to see the transformation firsthand. Those interested in future job opportunities can send resumes to careers@elitetruck.com.