God’s Perfecting Process

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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There are many scriptures in the Bible that supports the perfecting process of us as true believers and servers of God. God’s creation and perfecting process took seven days. Every thing He created is presently operating at the same capacity as it was the first day. This serves as a testimony to God’s handiwork.

God has perfected everything that’s at our disposal. The Lord knows what type of life we will have, along with what, and who we will need to help us to cope.

As we look into the scriptures, Matthew 26:41v. explains to us that God is always willing and is always ready, but the flesh/man is weak, the term man reflects female as well. When one is weak as Matthew proclaim, they are in desperate need of God’s perfecting process.

As we look at God’s perfecting process verses man’s perfecting process, there’s a great amount of difference.
Man’s perfecting process entails much trial and error. In man’s process of perfecting there’s clinical studies and interventional studies. These studies prompt one to gather the many facts and figures that will give support to the message they are trying to deliver to people.

It took Wilbur and Orville Wright four years to perfect the first airplane known as the Wright Flyer. Even in the medical field it may take 10 to 15 years and maybe even more before the three phases of clinical trial is reached that possible licensing the drug can take place.

In the perfecting process of man there’s a great amount of human error, this is the main reason for the longevity concerning perfection.
However, when in God’s perfecting process there’s no longevity, no human error and definitely no trial and error. In creation as we for stated,1st the earth, and 2nd second heaven and all life form were formed and completed with no trial and error.

In the Book of Romans 8:29v. Paul mentions to the church at Rome that God had a position for you before you became a seed in your mother’s womb. The foreknowing of God reflects His omnipotent, and His omniscient. He can speak and it happens, He can call and it comes, and He can rebuke and it leaves.

When it comes to God perfecting man it happens just as quick as it takes for man to ask God. God delivers us and left the Holy Spirit, and Holy Bible to help us remain delivered and spiritually perfected.

Even in the Book of Jeremiah 18: when God commanded him to go down to the Potter’s house, after which He will then be given a message from God. The built vessel that Jeremiah observed being constructor by master potter in the Potter’s house was basically not the message, however, it was a glimpse view of his spiritual makings, letting him know he is very much capable of fulfilling his God given mission.

Revisiting Matthew 26:41v., Yes! The spirit is willing and the reason of such, is the spirit bears witness to the perfected work of God over us. Because the flesh is still a mess we fight it daily, in order to stay on the winning side, we again need the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible. We must understand in our spiritual perfection that God has done His part, now it’s our time to do ours.

There’s a phrase that’s been said: “If you make one step God will make two.” Even though this is a good phrase, know according to Romans 5:8v. Paul confirmed that God made the first step when He basically commanded His love towards us when we messed up in the garden, death to sin was what we all needed to spiritually fix us and Jesus was to complete this mission.

To be a recipient in this perfecting process will definitely place one in the exact place, that’s been mandated by God both spiritually and physically.

Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Growth Unlimited Ministries Inc. in Aurora.