PROFILE 2024: Josiah Johnson

Published 8:00 am Saturday, May 18, 2024

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NAME: Josiah Johnson

AGE: 17

RESIDENCE: Washington, North Carolina

At the young age of 17, Josiah Johnson, is making his dream of selling custom designed merch come true. In November of 2023, he created a custom logo, and launched his company DJ Dawg. His first line of clothing began with a customized hoodie, with plans to expand to hats, shirts, tank tops, and “just about anything people wear.” He already had his sights set on having his own brick and mortar place, that will be affectionately named Stacy.

What are some of the unique challenges your generation faces versus other generations?

I think a lot of people my age have the belief that the older you get it is too late to start your own business. But we have to remember that our dreams do not end until the day you are put to rest. I also think, myself included, that it is important to learn patience, as I want things to happen quickly. It’s important to understand that things do take time.

What is your current outlook on the world? Positive, negative or somewhere in between?

I’m not going to say it is not safe, but I do think about a lot of things that are going on around the world, like the war stuff in Gaza. I try to keep a positive attitude and believe I can push through it all if I don’t think so hard about it.

Who influenced you the most when you were just starting out with your business?

My mom and dad are definitely at the top of the list. It may sound silly but my actual dream about having my own business was a motivator. And seeing a lot of YouTubers who are influencers and successful with their merch businesses, inspired me to start my own business.

What is it like living in Beaufort County?

I really love living here because I can walk downtown from my house all the way down to the river and back. I also love being along the riverfront to watch the sunrises and sunsets. I also like attending many of the events along the waterfront.

It is a beautiful day in Beaufort County and you have the day off. What will you do?

Watch YouTube videos of other YouTubers, editing stuff, working on my business, calling my good friend Julia, or just playing outside with friends around the neighborhood.

What is the best series or movie you’ve ever streamed and why do you like it?

Most definitely Cobra Kai, a martial arts comedy. There is so much action and I’m really wowed with some of their karate moves. I’m certainly guilty of binge watching the entire series. And when I need a good laugh or want to laugh on purpose I stream Chris Tucker’s live shows. The first time I ever watched him I busted out in tears.