PROFILE 2024: Leland Galt

Published 8:00 am Saturday, May 25, 2024

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NAME: Leland Galt

AGE: 34

Residence: Born in South Carolina, and now lives in Beaufort County

Leland Galt started his own business, Washington Woodworking Company, in 2018. When he was younger, Galt always found himself making things from old broken skateboards and working with friends who really sparked his interest and appreciation of wood. So much so that one day he wanted to start his own saw mill. It all began in the garage of his home, where he got logs from numerous sources, sawed them into slabs, let them dry, and started making tables. And from there, things have just blossomed for one young Beaufort County entrepreneur.

Who would you say in Beaufort County has influenced your life the most?

That is a tough one, as I have always gone by the beat of my own drum and tend to be a bit hard headed. With that said, I would say my employees have been a big influence, as it is an opportunity to spitball ideas with others and learn new things. But, if I had to name one, I would have to say Braughnson Gray. I first met him while still working in my garage as he was interested in my work and wanted me to build a table for him. As it eventually played out, he decided to get out of the real estate business and come to work for me. We have been working together now for four years. He has been a big influence in terms of how to grow and change as a business.

Why should people consider working, living, and playing in Washington?

There are lots of reasons, but if I advertise them too well, I’m afraid some of them will go away. I would tell folks that the traffic is not a problem, there is plenty to do if you like the outdoors and the water, and the people are great. I know it is a small town but it never feels like there is something I can’t find if I need it. And the community is very open to supporting small businesses.

Do you think Beaufort County is headed in a positive or negative direction?

I would say positive. I’m an optimistic person by nature to start with, as you have to be as an entrepreneur. I believe that Washington is headed in the right direction. One of the things that first endeared me to Washington was the people. I’m seeing a lot of new faces in town these days and they seem to be just as friendly, so I’m guessing that is part of what is bringing them here. There is a lot to like here and I feel things are moving in the right direction.

Who influenced you when you were first getting started?

As far as woodworking, it would have to be my dad. I was lucky that my dad invested the time to teach me how to do the basic things like turn a screw driver, swing a hammer, hang doors, and quarter round. Just some of the basic skills that have enabled me to be creative and to start making things. He was always very supportive of me and instilled a work ethic in me to always strive to do something the best that I can.

Do you think the current city/county leadership listens to the needs and/or wants of the young residents?

I don’t know, to  be perfectly honest as I have never voiced any personal concerns. But with that said, it is a small town and I feel that I have a better chance of having a conversation with someone if the need arises. And because it is a small town, I sense there isn’t as big of a gap between the leadership and individuals as there would be in a larger city. My experience with city officials who have stopped by the shop to introduce themselves, has been very positive.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Batman! He really isn’t a superhero but a man who has a lot of tools at his disposal. I definitely would go with him as he is more relatable to me. I’m not knocking the others, as the controversy between Batman and Superman has raged on. But I would definitely go with Batman.