A work ethic starts at home

Published 4:05 pm Monday, July 1, 2024

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Rose Ann and I were raised by two parents who loved us both. That was common in the good ole days. They taught us respect for others and that meant everyone. The tenant farmers on our land were shown respect just like our teachers were. We said yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir and always said please and thank you. We treated everyone with real respect. Most parents did the same and that’s what made it the best of times.

Parents were never afraid to spare the rod and spoil the child! They were never afraid to do that. Never did I hear someone visit my house and say a negative word about a teacher or coach in my presence. They were afraid to because that would spoil the night. They would get a phone call to their parents because in that day, it took a village to raise a child.

Parents took pride in their children because they were representatives of their parents. My dad taught me the value of education. Him and mom made sacrifices for Rose Ann and me to have things they didn’t have growing up. They taught us the value of an education through teaching us hard work. My dad had four jobs while I was growing up.

That taught me the value of hard work. Most parents of that day had more than one job. Dad could do anything with his hands and sometimes I wish I had followed him at work but instead I played ball.

Mom was not afraid of work either. She kept a clean house and cooked three square meals a day. She was a saint and kept me off my daddy’s list. She followed Mrs. Sallie’s direction about to raise a son. Mrs. Sallie raised three sons and Uncle Bonnie never said a word to her.

Young people of today, listen what I tell you. Don’t be afraid to follow your parents’ advice! They have been on this planet far longer than you have, so don’t be afraid to represent them. They’ll always be your parents and don’t embarrass them for they have the same last name as you.

They were the best of times with the best of friends in the best of places, Washington, N.C. The Original Washington!

Harold Jr.