Enjoy a day hiking at Goose Creek

Published 12:59 pm Friday, July 5, 2024

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If family, friends and out of town guests are restless as the holiday weekend winds down, a hike through the woods could be just the thing to get them up and moving.

Goose Creek State Park offers nine connecting hiking trails that total eight miles long. Their longest trail (the Goose Creek trail) is two and a half miles long and goes from the primitive camp sites to swim beach. Ivey Gut (1.8) and Tar-Kiln (1.3) are intermediate length one-way trails, while Long Leaf (1.3) and Mallard Creek (1.0) are loops. Their shortest trails (Flatty Creek trail and Huckleberry trail) are each 0.3 miles.

Huckleberry is a one-way trail as the Flatty Creek trail is a loop. Each trail is considered an easy hike in terms of short distance and no drastic changes in elevation meaning they are perfect for anyone to enjoy. The trails are only meant for hiking as they are not properly maintained for biking. Each trail offers different scenes for visitors to enjoy.

“Something that makes Goose Creek special is that there is a lot of scenery in one park,” Park Ranger Cameron Teague said. “You can walk by a sandy beach, you can walk by live oak, then you can walk a boardwalk area that will take you to some wetlands.”