Help available for beaver dam management, removal in Beaufort County

Published 4:13 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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WASHINGTON, N.C. –– There’s a new resource for Beaufort County landowners who need assistance managing beaver damage on their property.

In May, the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners opted into the North Carolina Beaver Management Assistance Program (BMAP), which USDA Wildlife Services and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission administer. BMAP provides beaver damage management services to landowners at significantly reduced costs.

The program provides landowners the opportunity for beaver management assistance at cost- shared rates of $25 per visit (up to 15 visits per year), $150 per dam removed, an initial consultation free of charge and guidance on addressing beaver damage.

BMAP-related beaver removals account for about 17% of total known annual beaver harvest (including regulated trapping and damage-related removals), and about 0.5% of the total beaver population annually. BMAP service providers use an integrated approach, in which a combination of methods may be used or recommended to reduce beaver damage. The program prioritizes issues that threaten public health and safety.

BMAP replaces the Beaufort County Beaver Bounty Program, which started in 2004 and experienced a steady decrease in participation over time. As the cost of hiring people to assist with beaver damage rose, the rate of $10 per beaver tail paid to landowners through the bounty program became less enticing.

In March, the Beaufort Soil and Water Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors reviewed and discussed BMAP, ultimately agreeing to move forward with that program. The County’s Board of Commissioners agreed to contribute the yearly participation fee of $6,000 for fiscal year 2024-2025.

Any Beaufort County residents interested in BMAP services should contact the Beaufort Soil and Water Conservation District’s office by calling 252-946-4989 Ext. 3, or by emailing Ann Williams ( and Nathaniel Woolard (