Club News

Eat chicken-support the WYFL

The Washington Youth Football League is holding a grilled chicken dinner fundraiser this Saturday at Kugler Field in ...

Arts & Entertainment

Welcoming the return of live music

By Alma Friedman The Beaufort County Concert Association is looking forward to and welcoming the return of live ...


A strange day for a new beginning

By Chris Adams Halloween is such a curious phenomenon.  Its name means ‘The Night before All Hallows’, which ...


Scapegoating is easy when we are uncomfortable with reality

We really are a society that like to shame people, aren’t we? Even more than shaming, we are ...

Beaufort County

Round Up Week at Eagle’s Wings

Eagle’s Wings Food Pantry Executive Director Ann-Marie Montague (L) and King Chicken Drive-In General Manager Carol Satterthwaite encourage ...


Candlelight vigil honors victims of domestic violence

In observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, local domestic violence shelter Ruth’s House held its Light the Way ...


Epiphanies are always unexpected, especially around babies

At some point in the early days of parenthood, I had an epiphany of sorts. Holding my infant ...

Beaufort County

Chrismon wins 4-H competition

Trevor Chrismon, a Beaufort County 4-H club member, took first place in the junior shotgun competition at the ...


Rediscovering Southern hospitality

By CHRIS ADAMS For the Washington Daily News The South is a beautiful place to live.  I grew ...


Photos: Northside Homecoming 2021

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