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Domestic violence affects many

Published 7:02pm Thursday, December 27, 2012


Domestic violence has an impact on everyone from the victim, to the victim’s family, to the children that live in the home, to the community that responds to the crisis situation. You might hear about domestic violence on the nightly news, or read about it in the newspaper, or know someone personally whose life has been greatly affected because of domestic violence.
Over the past few months, the Ruth’s House board and volunteers have been working diligently to make this shelter a reality for our community. Currently, we have purchased a residence in Washington and are working to make it feel as much like home as possible. We are working with local churches to find and train volunteers to help the families that will need access to the shelter instead of continuing to live in the home where the violence took place. We are continuing to partner with the Center for Family Violence and Prevention to provide counseling to help victims overcome some of their emotional needs and develop a safety plan to prevent further domestic violence.
While reading these columns over the past couple months, you may have asked yourself what can you do to help? You may be saying, “I cannot give a big donation or donate my time to work in the shelter.” There are many ways that you can help Ruth’s House that do not take a lot of money or time.
Everyone can pray. Continue to be in prayer for this ministry opportunity to our community. Be in prayer for those families that might need this service in the future to have the faith to leave the abuse and come to the shelter for help. Pray that we will have the resources and volunteers to manage the shelter to meet our budgetary needs.
Become a volunteer. Go online to fill out a volunteer application. We are in desperate need of individuals and couples who will manage the shelter overnight.
Make a donation. You can make a monetary donation or contact our board by emailing us to donate other needed items.
The impact of domestic violence can be lifelong. But if we as a community rally together to help those who need this service, maybe we can prevent future violence. Maybe we can give the power back to the victim so they can leave the situation. Maybe we can just be there to listen to the story so a victim knows someone cares. Maybe we can provide a safe shelter for a family so they can have a new start. As we celebrate with family and friends during this Christmas season, let us remember those who are impacted by domestic violence and find a way to lift them up.
The Ruth’s House board continues to work diligently to open a domestic-violence shelter in Washington.
To find out how you can help or to make a donation, email us at or send mail to Ruth’s House, P.O. Box 2843, Washington, NC 27889.

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