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City, PTRF consider camping platform deal

Published 8:59pm Thursday, January 10, 2013

A proposed camping platform on the southern shore of the Tar River may become a reality if the City Council signs off on the proposal during its meeting Monday.

The Pamlico-Tar River Foundation wants the camping platform to be one of several it is building along the Pamlico-Tar River. It wants to lease from the city the property where the camping platform would be located. That property, known as the McMullan tract, is southwest of the U.S. Highway 17 (Business) bridge that crosses the river. The PTRF platforms would be similar to those on the Roanoke River.

The part of the river west of that bridge is the Tar River, with the part of the river east of the bridge known as the Pamlico River.

“I think it’s a great idea. The more that we can promote eco-tourism, the better. … I’m definitely for it. I think it’s an opportunity for us (city and PTRF) to provide this facility,” Councilman Bobby Roberson said. “It’s just a great experience to come down and spend some time in these camping facilities.”

Any revenue produced by PTRF’s rental of the property would be segregated from other PTRF funds and used to support the camping-platforms program or some similar and suitable public purpose, according to a document in the council’s tentative agenda packet.

Under terms of the proposal, PTRF would pay $1 annually, plus 25 percent of rental fees PTRF collects for use of the platform.

Last year, PTRF Riverkeepr Healther Jacobs Deck told the council PTRF’s goal is to build a continuous system of platforms from 10 to 15 miles apart, spanning from the river’s headwaters in Granville County to the estuarine waters of the Pamlico Sound in Beaufort, Hyde and Pamlico counties. Some of the platforms have been built, while others await construction.
The proposed platforms would be 32 feet by 16 feet, with half of each platform enclosed with a roof and screened-in area to provide protection from rain and insects.

PTRF’s Dawson platform in Pitt County will be located on land provided by Lee Dawson of Washington. The platform will be a few miles upstream of the confluences of Tranter’s Creek and Bear Creek with the Tar River. The platform will be nestled under tall cypress trees, with the nearest put-in (pay ramp) at the Davenport Farm at Pactolus. The closest take-out sites would be the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission ramp at Mason’s Landing on Tranter’s Creek and downtown Washington, according to the PTRF website.






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