Hodges Hackney, president of the International Division of VT Hackney Inc., presented the history of the Hackney Company to Washington Noon Rotary. Hackney builds beverage, emergency, service and specialty truck bodies for a large variety of domestic and international vehicles. Hackney was founded in 1946 by James A. Hackney and his son James A. Hackney Jr. Hackney has grown to become the world’s largest producer of side-loader, overhead-door truck bodies and trailers. In 1992, the global division of Hackney was formed to make Hackney products available to beverage companies outside of the United States. With four U.S. manufacturing sites and more than 25 assembly partners worldwide, more than 20,000 aluminum beverage truck bodies have been delivered to users in more than 60 countries. VT Hackney, Inc. is a subsidiary of VT Systems Inc. of Alexandria, Va. It employs just under 200 people at its Washington facility.

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Worldwide production

Published 11:41am Monday, January 14, 2013

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