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It’s getting better every day

Published 8:07pm Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It has been said the best measurement of a civilized society is how that society treats its weakest members. The same holds true for schools.
In this day and age, when schools are obsessed with test scores and leaving no child behind, all any parent really needs to affirm the quality of a school are the resources available for students who are not at the top of their class.
Take, for example, the exceptional-children programs at area schools. The programs’ reach is far wider than the special-education programs of previous generations. These days, the EC programs help students struggling with reading comprehension, those with attention deficit or hyperactive disorders and those who could use help getting thoughts and words on paper.
School officials constantly seek help to improve reading skills at grade schools and are open to nonprofits that offer assistance. That might sound like a no-brainer, but there are plenty of school districts that have let opportunities like the North Carolina Investing in Rural Innovative Schools grant pass them by.
The district also shines in the opportunities it offers to students who are not college-bound or interested in attending four-year college institutions.
When Beaufort County Schools officials look at success, they aren’t afraid to look at a broader definition of the word and find a successful path for each student.
So, if you are ever asked about the quality of education available in Beaufort County, say, with confidence, “It’s getting better every day.”

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