Culpepper column goes far astray

Published 11:39 am Saturday, April 6, 2024

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Dear Editor:

I am mystified by the article published in the March 23 edition of the Washington Daily News written by Polk Culpepper. First, I am astounded that anyone representing the ministry would confuse this Old Testament scripture with the philosophy of New Testament religion after the time of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Second, I am concerned that the publishing of such anti New Testament drivel could support the flawed thinking of modern sinners and hedonists.

Culpepper goes far astray when he tries to define Christian Nationalism. He is using his pulpit to go after and confuse a new modern movement, now in its infancy, called Christian Conservative.

Like most liberals who want to create a living bible, so there is no longer sin of any kind, he is terrified of New Testament teachings.

These teachings require the Christian to give thoughtful consideration to sin in all forms before passing judgment. Distinguishing between judgment and opinion, the Bible teaches us to “Judge not, that we be not judged.” It is just as acceptable to have an opinion of sin as it is to judge sin. The opinion can be private and personal and does not require action of any kind.

However, judgment requires that we confront sin and hand out punishment. The minimum would be disapproval. Confronting sin terrifies liberals like Culpepper because they falsely interpret New Testament teachings as permitting pacifism and permissiveness.

If we had more Christian Conservatives in government we would not have the problems we have in the United States today. I intend to push for New Testament Christian Ethics and Christian Conservatives to be elected to public office.

Christians have always had false profits. Ignore them and apply Christian principles (the teachings of Jesus Christ). Life will be a lot more pleasant because it will be easier to identify and measure sin.

Hood Richardson

Washington, NC