Foolish commentary on Christian Nationalism

Published 10:18 am Friday, April 12, 2024

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Dear Editor:

What a foolish commentary on Christian Nationalism as in appeared in the March 23 publication of “My Turn.”

Imagine equating it with adherence to the Levitical ceremonial law!

Anybody knows that Christians follow the teachings of Christ, which have radically modified the requirements of the Old Testament.

The most obvious example is that circumcision was mandated on all males in order to part of Israel, but is no longer a requirement to follow Christ.

This nation, according to its founding documents and the men who wrote them, was established on Judeo-Christian principles.

This heritage has made America the greatest nation in the world and has insured our freedoms.

I welcome the influence of Christian values on my executives, legislators, judiciary and school board members.

If this were the case, would our nation be in such a better place?

Jessica Van Essendelft, R.N.
Washington, NC