George Anderson, Davonn Armstrong, Ricky Williams
George Anderson, Davonn Armstrong, Ricky Williams

Surveillance leads to chase, arrest

Published 8:40pm Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Surveillance detail and a subsequent foot chase have landed one Washington man, and two others, in jail, according to a press release from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit.

On Aug. 12, drug unit investigators arrested George Darrell Anderson, 25, of 803 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington; Davonn Nicole Armstrong, 29, and Ricky Lee Williams, age 24, both of 1200 Freeland Lane, Winterville.

According to the release, investigators had received information that Anderson was involved in the distribution of prescription pain medication, when they saw Anderson riding in a vehicle in Washington. Following the vehicle to a meet with another vehicle near Bear Grass Road, off of Highway 17 North, they allegedly witnessed Anderson make a drug transaction.

Once Anderson’s vehicle was back in Washington, investigators approached his vehicle.

“We waited until he got out of the car. He actually took off as soon as he saw us in our black and yellow gear,” said a spokesman for the drug unit.

Investigators chased Anderson for approximately 200 yards, before he “ran out of wind,” the spokesman said.

“That’s why officers need to run and train, so they can catch bad guys when they try to run,” he said.

George Anderson was arrested, charged with level II trafficking in opiates, possession of drug paraphernalia, resist, delay obstruct a public officer and was also served with several absconder warrants filed by the Department of Community Corrections.

The two people in the vehicle Anderson had met were also kept under surveillance, stopped and arrested, said the release. Armstrong and Williams were both charged with two counts of level II trafficking in opiates and possession of drug paraphernalia. 30 dosage units of Oxydocodone were seized in the arrests, said the release.




  • dsony

    It’s nice that the “Drug Unit” got these people and whatever drugs off the streets, I’d say go get some more!

    But isn’t that why they get paid anyway? Now, the newspaper can print these “busts” everyday if they want too… slow news day and all. This is their (BCSD) job, they do nothing but this! One would hope, even wish, that they would do more! Give Beaufort County our money’s worth!

    WDNews – stop patting them on the back for doing a barely mediocre job!

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