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Ties that bind: Messianic Jew connects Passover to Messiah

Published 7:23pm Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Jewish feast of Passover includes elements that point to Jesus Christ being the Messiah, according to Robert Pristoop, a Messianic Jew.

“I’m go to take the Passover and show you Jesus all through it,” Pristoop, a missionary to the Jewish people, said Sunday during a presentation at Washington’s First Baptist Church.

Pristoop noted that an unbroken lamb’s bone is part of the Passover observance. When the Israelites were about to flee Egypt, they were commanded by God to sacrifice a lamb and use its blood to mark their doorways so the Angel of Death would spare their first-born children. Pristoop pointed out that Jesus — God’s only son and Mary’s first-born child, is referred to as the Lamb of God whose blood was shed on Calvary to atone for our sins. Pristoop also noted that Jesus’ bones were not broken when he was crucified. It was common for people who were crucified to have bones broken, usually their legs.

The Passover’s sacrificial lamb, the lamb’s redeeming blood and the lamb being without blemish are signs the Jewish people should realize identify Jesus as the prophesized Messiah mentioned in the Old Testament, Pristoop said.

“Many of our traditions were inspired by God to show us the Messiah,” Pristoop said of the Jewish faith.

A Messianic Jew believes in Jesus as the Messiah and as the Son of God, but he or she follows the Jewish faith, customs and traditions, too. Pristoop, through Chosen People Ministries, carries the message of the risen Christ to the Jewish people by way of Bible study, outreach programs and one-on-one witnessing to Jews.

“It’s important the Jewish people repent for their rejection of the Messiah,” Pristoop said.

As Joseph, who was sold into bondage by his brothers but became a great leader in Egypt, was not at first recognized by his brothers when they came to Egypt to buy food during a great famine, the Jewish people failed to recognize Jesus as the Messiah when he walked among them during his ministry on Earth, Pristoop said.

Pristoop said it’s his desire to show the Jewish people their path to salvation comes only by accepting Jesus as the Messiah, who came to save mankind.

Pristoop, who spoke at the church Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Monday morning, concludes his “Hebrew Roots” presentations today with a presentation at 6 p.m. at the church. His presentations earlier this week showed how other feasts observed by the Jewish people point to Jesus as the Messiah.

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