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Write Again … Call then items of concern

Published 5:22pm Monday, November 25, 2013

Now, please don’t think of this week’s scribbling endeavor as a listing of some of my pet peeves.

To have a bunch of things that bug me might lead some to think of me as a crotchety old so-and-so. (Nah. No one would think that. Would they?)

Let’s call the following “items of concern.” Now, that sounds better.

So. Here are a few “ IOCs.”

Lighten up — For those of you who take umbrage at hearing, or seeing in print, our town referred to as Little Washington, simmer down. It is not meant as a pejorative, or denigration of the town in any way. It just happens to be how the town is known, literally, far and wide. It’s almost a term of endearment. Such widespread renown and recognition would make any chamber of commerce or tourism bureau giddy with glee, not to mention an advertising agency.

People know the town, affectionately, as “Little Washington.”  That doesn’t make us any less proud that it’s also the “original,” the first named for Gen. George Washington.

Stupid and inhumane — Those good old boys who wear ball caps and drive pickups (and I have a pickup and numerous ball caps, even if I don’t measure up as a good old boy) and ride around with a dog in the back should be ashamed. Some even let the dog ride on top of a toolbox.

Now, just what do you think might happen if there’s a wreck, or if a curve is taken too fast? Even if the dog were to survive being thrown out, a following vehicle might well run over it.  Gruesome.

Such a blatant, inexcusable disregard for the safety of the dog suggests the owner/driver is either stupid or inhumane. Or both.

Roaming free — Well. Since I’ve mentioned canines, let me wonder once again in print why some folks let their dogs run free. Not only can this become a nuisance to others, it can be deadly for a dog. Believe me, when you get out of our beloved southland you don’t see dogs running loose along and in roadways, and you don’t see dead dogs there either.

I guess this is just part of our Southern (particularly eastern Carolina) culture. A needless shame.

Noise in the streets — One of the best event/festival ideas to come about was Music in the Streets, which was introduced some years ago. This gathering of musicians and folks from across the demographic spectrum is a good thing. I believe Joey Toler, the current executive director of the Beaufort County Arts Council, should receive much of the credit for starting this endeavor.

However, initially it was to be an evening of acoustical music. Not so now. Almost every group or individual is amplified, and the unacceptably high decibel level is almost deafening. It would seem to be a competition to see who can be the loudest. A pleasant, enjoyable evening of music it isn’t.

A good idea gone awry. (Lord, I hope they don’t change “awry” to “away.” Either way, however, would work.)

Legitimate complaint — Those citizens who say the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners should not be bereft of any representation out in the county are 100 percent right. How did this imbalance come to be? It surely isn’t representative democracy.

Enough, already. If you disagree with any or all of my “items of concern,” I respect your opinion. Even when I disagree with your disagreement.

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