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Sound off, Dec. 15, 2013

Published 7:50pm Saturday, December 14, 2013

I’m a Democrat and I’m glad that they’re doing away with the pre-K classes. We do not need to use our tax dollars to pay for baby care. People who don’t look after their own children shouldn’t use tax dollars to furnish the baby care.

I’d like to know how the U.S. citizens’ federal government lost a billion dollars from selling stock to GM. We own GM. We bailed them out. We should’ve made money.

This is a comment in reference to a previous comment made on Wednesday, Dec. 11, in the Sound Off and it’s about the minimum wage. This is neither to agree or disagree with the caller’s comment. However, in every issue there are many factors and spokes to the wheel of the central part of discussion and one point that I think needs to be considered is that when you have big companies and they’re considering what we pay people, how do we get stockholders? Because when these companies are on Wall Street and they are paying out dividends to stockholders, they become a primary interest for the company, CEOs and business managers. So stockholders, you’ve got to get them involved in that business of whether or not you raise the minimum wage. Stockholders are going to get theirs. The cost is just going to be passed on to the consumers of the product. Many of the stockholders don’t even shop in that facility, anyway.

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