Fortunate to have Beaufort County Medical Center

Published 7:28 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To the Editor:

A week ago, my husband found himself in extreme pain due to a serious medical condition. I brought him to Beaufort County Medical Center. Questions of apprehension about his care lurked in my mind: Should I have driven him to Greenville? He’d been hospitalized with the same issue seven years ago at an excellent teaching hospital – would the staff at Beaufort be as knowledgeable? After the recent bullying of the staff by members of the county board, would morale be low? Was I enabling my husband to receive the quality of care he needed?

After five days, he is now home recovering from his acute illness. I can honestly say that the medical care he received was truly exceptional. Every single staff member we encountered – from aides to nurses to doctors – seemed to have his best interests first and foremost in their responsibilities. They showed consideration, thoroughness and care as they ministered to him. They were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to listen to him and to review his past experiences with the illness and its prior medications. They were attentive and responsive to his needs.

I recently spent a number of weeks at a highly-rated major metropolitan hospital where my mother had complications resulting from major heart surgery. The contrast between the patient care at the two facilities was surprising. At Evanston Hospital, most of the medical staff “did their jobs” with little visible interest in the needs of the patient. At Beaufort County Hospital, the medical care of my husband was the apparent top priority. Even the nurse at his insurance company was impressed when she heard about the pages of information he was given before his release from the hospital.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to Dr. Mann, Dr. Ruffolo and every single staff member in the emergency department and on the second floor who we encountered. Our gratitude further extends to the members of our community who fought to maintain the quality of medical services offered at Beaufort County Medical Center by pursuing the merger with UHS. We are truly fortunate we chose to drive to Washington when the medical crisis hit our home.