Support Voter ID bill

Published 12:32 am Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To the Editor:

There will be a new bill, referred to as H. 351, to be voted on and may come to the House this week. Many will recognize it as the “voter ID bill.” What this bill intends to do is require a valid photo identification for anyone wishing to cast a vote of public office. Many states are currently employed in this and hopefully our state will soon follow these guidelines.

Last Tuesday our General Assembly was open to public comment for several hours (which can still be accessed through an audio replay on the NC General Assembly website). I was unable to attend this public assembly but found it interesting during the live audio that there were actually several individuals against the bill. Most of the complaints were of the nature on how difficult it will be for some to obtain a valid photo ID. This is somewhat confusing since most businesses currently require this.

The DMV will do a photo ID for about $10. My mother, who was a senior citizen, had one before she passed away. She needed this since she did not have a N.C. driver’s license and was required to have it for her doctors’ appointments, hospital admissions and any other business she had to do. And yes, she was on a very strict income but did not complain about having to purchase the ID for she knew it was a requirement. Now, is it not true, that for any instance in the United States where there is an age limit, security issue or any activity requiring a positive identification to be made that it is with a photo ID?

I support a legal, valid voting system and this would clarify any voter’s questionable identification and citizenship. Yes, I support this bill and have reason to believe that this action would help restore the confidence in our state government and the voting process! As for alerting the citizens of N.C. of future photo requirements at the ballot box, have an insert in every government correspondence (tax refunds, Medicare/Medicaid, Employment Security), posters in every Social Security, Social Services, courthouses and post offices and via Internet communications. There is no sound reason why we should not pass this bill. Voters, let our officials in Raleigh know that the need for this bill is a valid one!