Act quickly on ferry tolls

Published 12:45 am Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To the Editor:

I am beginning to wonder if anyone in this county, other than myself, is concerned about the current budget proposal in the N.C. Legislature that will impose a $10 toll for each crossing of the Pamlico River on the Bayview-Aurora Ferry? The ferry is funded by the taxes we already pay; taxes on gas, vehicle registration fees, income tax, etc. Now a $10 toll?

Please, if you are opposed to this item in the budget, call Rep. Bill Cook, (919-733-5906), Senator Stan White, (919- 715-8293), Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Brown ((919-715-3034), Speaker of the House Rep. Thom Tillis (919-733-3451), and say so. If we do not act quickly, anyone who uses the ferry will soon pay $10 each crossing if this budget passes with this item in it.