Saturday Market will be back

Published 12:15 am Saturday, June 11, 2011

To the Editor:

The Washington Harbor District Alliance agrees with Carol Dworkowski’s letter to the editor when she states that coming downtown to the Saturday Market is one of the best things to do on a Saturday morning. It is a pleasure to be able to administer a program that not only offers fresh produce, and local artistry but also a fun social time to visit with friends and neighbors.

After years of facilitating the Saturday Market I can attest to the fact we’ve tried just about everything in an effort to improve the consumers’ experience and to increase the number of consumers that shop at the market. Part of that effort is to offer a consistent schedule so that people can count on the market being open every Saturday from May through October.

In the past, on busy Summer Festival weekends we have shifted the Market north across Main Street to the lot at the red caboose. This area presented some challenges but the farmers navigated the difficulties and set up for the regulars to shop. The problem was the regulars didn’t appear. Unfortunately with all the Summer Festival goings-on we have found there is little to no parking available close to that area of Main Street. In this case — we built it but they didn’t come!

It was purely a decision on WHDA’s part because of past frustrations that we decided to not hold the Saturday Market this Saturday.

WHDA truly appreciates Ms. Dworkowski’s sentiments; it is why we present so many events downtown. Please do not think that we take our responsibilities lightly. We strive to accommodate both the visitors to our events and the vendors who count on the income produced.

The Saturday Market will be back again next weekend. Please continue to support the market; we love to see everyone there.

Washington Harbor District Alliance