Thank you, Sport Sawyer

Published 1:13 am Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the Editor:

I think I can safely speak for all coaches, parents and anyone else involved in the 2011 Belhaven Summer Recreation program, when I say “Thank You!” to Sport Sawyer for a tremendous job he has done! I know Sport does not seek any praise and is quick to throw the light back on everyone else but he deserves a lot of recognition for his efforts.

Sport walked into a situation full of challenges, of which a couple were the organization of two additional girls softball leagues, creation of some “new” ball fields as well as the enhancement of some existing ones, and all of this just a few weeks before the “season” began.

I appreciate the lines of communication he opened up to everyone, especially the coaches and his constant contact to make sure we had what we needed to allow the kids to play ball and make the season run smoothly and successfully.

It would have been very easy and understandable for him to have declined the opportunity to head the recreation program especially with the challenges he faced … but he didn’t. He put “self” to the side and gave it his all and I believe he did so because he cares about the children of Belhaven and the surrounding areas the recreation program serves.

I would also like to thank his family for their support and sacrifice, as I know they probably didn’t see much of him when he shouldered this responsibility.

So again, Sport, “Thank You!”