Why aren’t Republicans willing to sacrifice?

Published 12:15 am Thursday, July 14, 2011

To the Editor:

No one wants to pay more taxes! However, few people are in a position to write laws to prevent an increase in taxes. The 261 millionaires in the House and Senate are working very hard to keep from paying more taxes while advocating reductions in benefits and entitlements.

Of course, the wish to avoid paying taxes is not stated. Instead, House and Senate Republicans want to make the American people believe they are fighting for “jobs.” Historically, Republicans have been opposed to any government spending designed to create jobs and/or provide training. It was a waste of money.

President Obama has recommended that $1 of revenue be collected for every $3 of spending cuts. The Republicans in Congress obviously believe it is best for others to sacrifice but they need to keep their money. If the situation is so dire, why aren’t the Republicans willing to sacrifice also?