A win-win for raising revenue

Published 12:55 am Friday, July 15, 2011

To the Editor:

Tax and sex are both three-letter words.

Watching the ever-popular “Today” show this morning I was impressed with the interview with talk radio host Laura Ingram. If the interview were in the newspaper it would be page one and above the fold.

The producers of “Today” had Matt Lauer and Laura on before the news of the day. Not only was Laura plugging her new book “Of Thee I Zing,” she looked straight at the camera and asked why we have accepted lowering our cultural standards and she placed the blame on the media.

Hoorah for Laura Ingram! Of course Matt also got Laura’s response to the current government debt problems.

One solution for raising federal revenue might be the “tax on sex.” No, not in your bedroom, but on the Internet and in the media. Motion pictures have a rating system; put a value-added national tax on movies with “R” ratings (of course you will pay for it in the ticket price), then a tax on all Internet websites offering “porn” to those who access the material most parents prefer their children not have access to. Finally, place a value-added tax to all magazines like “Playboy,”

“Hustler,” etc. Readers will find their favorite smut monthly will cost a little more.

Let’s have the number crunchers in the Congressional Budget Office make a projection on that new revenue source and let us see how many folks who cry out against it. I, for one, plan to email this suggestion to our politicos. Seems to me a win-win situation.