Letter to the editor-July 22, 2011

Published 1:09 am Friday, July 22, 2011

To the Editor:
Last Friday’s Washington Daily News editorial about compromise in reaching an agreement on the federal deficit is a prefect example of what is wrong with the thinking in our federal government today. As illustrated by the Daily News editorial, the liberal mindset to fix any problem has got to include raising taxes. No matter what the problem is, if we just give more money to the government, they can fix it! It never does fix anything so we have to give more money so they can fix the problems that the last money didn’t fix, and on and on it goes until we have the financial mess we have today.
The federal government spends more money than it takes in! That’s the problem! They always have and always will until the people put a stop to it. That’s what is happening now with the freshmen in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. They were elected to cut federal spending and they’re following through on their campaign promises and struggling to convince the rest of the old guard Republican politicians and the general public that this is the right thing, and the necessary thing to do to restore fiscal responsibility to the federal government. The job of the Republican base is to help these freshmen representatives let all our elected Republicans know how we feel; cut spending and no new taxes!
Compromising to do a little more spending, which caused the problem in the first place, will not fix the problem, only add to it. No matter how it’s said, the Democrats idea to fix the problem, as usual, is to raise taxes … again! The Republicans want to cut spending now without raising taxes, the Democrats always want to raise taxes on somebody. It’s on the “rich” this time; but taxes will get raised on the rest of us when the health care taxes start after the next election.
Reduce spending and lower taxes or more government spending and raise taxes  —  I’ll gladly campaign on that difference in the 2012 elections.