We need a change

Published 12:40 am Friday, August 12, 2011

To the Editor:

In regard to a recent article about the 261 millionaires in the House and Senate, and the indication that they are Republicans who are working very hard to keep from paying taxes: After some research, I found that 29 of the top 50 richest people in the House are Democrats, with Jane Harmon at $160 million to $377 million, Jarid Polis at $97 million to $254 million and Nancy Pelosi at $92 million. In the Senate, the top six are Democrats with John Kerry No. 1 with $267 million and with his wife $3.2 billion. Then five more with wealth from $70 million to $79 million, including Diane Feinstein, who with her husband have raked in $1.7 billion on the war in defense contracts.

What about corporate welfare? Some of these Democrats owe their fortunes to government grants and stimulus money, which is a taxpayer-funded corporate welfare that subsidizes CEOs and large corporations at the expense of families, seniors and workers.

President Obama says Americans are concerned about the spending debt. I wonder why? The debt is $14.3 trillion and increasing by $20,000 every three-tenths of a second, and we have $19 million spent to study gas emissions from cows, $1.7 million for swine-odor research, $219,000 to teach students how to watch TV and $89,000 in stimulus checks went to people who are dead or in prison.

With all this going on and more, the senior citizens have gone three years without an increase in Social Security benefits, and the taxes on our benefits have been increased by 7 percent.

We need more jobs, and what are two of the top Democrats’ solutions for that? Nancy Pelosi says the best way to create more jobs is food stamps, and John Kerry said that having illegals will create more jobs.

We need a change! Give me a grant.